What’s going on with Breads from Anna?

(An update from Breads from Anna founder - Anna Sobaski)

Although I am no longer affiliated with Breads from Anna, I do have a history with the company. I have been receiving inquiries about the fact that Breads from Anna appears to have stopped fulfilling orders. I will try to answer your questions below.

Do you own Breads from Anna?

Breads from Anna was a company that I, Anna Sobaski, founded in 2004. I created a variety of mixes to provide gluten-free breads to people like myself who have been diagnosed with celiac disease, which was a little-known condition at the time. I sold the company in 2016 and ceased to have any association with the new owners in 2018. I have not been involved in any aspect of that business for over 4 years. Although I am aware that the Breads from Anna website is down, I do not know the current state of the company.

Is there a good Breads from Anna alternative?

Yes! I launched Harmony Baking Flours in 2021 because I had begun to bake again for a family member who was put on an especially restrictive diet. The mixes you can find here on the Harmony Baking Flours website were all created with the same attention to detail and my lifelong commitment to providing delicious bread to people who might not otherwise be able to enjoy it as my older recipes.

Are Breads from Anna mixes the same as Harmony Baking Flours mixes?

Although these mixes are not the same, I did personally develop all the Breads from Anna mixes. At the time I designed those recipes, I was focused primarily on gluten-free. I have now specialized even further so that many of my current mixes can be enjoyed by people on even more restrictive diets, such as LOWFODMAP and keto.

Are Harmony Baking Flours mixes as good as Breads from Anna mixes?

My new mixes are absolutely just as good! I have continued to refine my techniques and dial in my recipes. The all-new mixes I launched when I created Harmony Baking Flours in 2021 are every bit as delicious and enjoyable as the Breads from Anna mixes I created so long ago.

I really loved a particular Breads from Anna mix. What Harmony Baking Flour product is most similar?

Below is a list of the Breads from Anna products I developed and how they relate to my new Harmony Baking Flour mixes.

Breads from Anna Original, Corn Dairy Free, Herb Bread Alternative

My new Harmony Daily Bread and Hempie Chick are both excellent substitutes for this bread.

Breads from Anna Banana Bread, Pumpkin Bread, Pancake and Muffin Mixes Alternative

My new Harmony Quick-Rise Blend comes with recipes that will allow you to easily recreate all these mixes.

Breads from Anna Yeast Free Bread

My new Harmony Yeast Free Bread is coming soon!

Breads from Anna Black Bean Brownie Alternative

Currently Harmony does not have a match but I am working on a chocolate cake.

Breads from Anna Pie Crust Alternative

My Harmony Pie Crust substitutes perfectly for this mix.

Breads from Anna Pizza Mix Alternative

Both Harmony Daily Bread and Harmony Hempie Chick come with instructions on how to use them to make pizza crust.

Breads from Anna Product Cookie Mix Alternative

Harmony does not currently have a cookie mix.

I used to have an auto-ship set up with Bread from Anna. Can I set one up with Harmony Baking Flours instead?

Of course! Every product on my website has an auto-ship option. Simply fill your shopping cart with the mixes you’d like to order and use the subscription option at checkout to get started.

I need a mix you don’t have for sale. Do you create custom flour blends!

I do! Please see my custom blends page for more details.